Mikropor began its journey in 1987 with a passion to create tomorrow’s technology and has become one of the leading manufacturers of atmospheric air filtration solutions and compressed air systems for a variety of industries.

As the company continues to create its own technology and shapes the industry with its innovative approach, Mikropor’s “Best in Class” products and solutions are appreciated by customers in more than 140 countries.

The company’s sustainable growth has been provided by its passion for innovation and commitment to quality, as well as its dedication to its people. The philosophy of producing the future from today has been adapted in all processes that make up the company; from engineering to human resources management, from research and development to logistics systems.

Mikropor’s motto, “Manufacturing Forward” predicates that the company strives to carry the same philosophy into the future with its environmentally friendly manufacturing principles that contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet.

Priorities in Production

As the world’s leading air filter producer, Mikropor does not only produce air filter. Mikropor produces the technology that makes the world a safer place. It strives to reach the future from today and add value to its business partners.

The philosophy of producing the future has been adapted in all of the processes that make up the company from Mikropor’s production facilities to its human resources strategy, from its delivery system to the nature compatible production principles and these have been turned into company’s main policy.

We Provide Top Quality Products For
Message From The Chairman

Dear Esteemed Business Partners,

As one of the primary actors of Turkey’s exportation arena, Mikropor has left 30 years in industry behind. Over the years, our company’s technology has changed, its production methodology has been renewed and our journey which started with a few people turned into a family of over 500 people. During this period, the markets we serve have expanded and Mikropor’s impact area turned into an intercontinental network.

Throughout the decades that have passed, the only thing that has not changed in Mikropor has been its motivation to invent and dream to change the world .Always adapting its growth to the business, searching for novelties in production techniques and inventing its own technologies, today Mikropor still continues to produce the future, as it did in the past.

As a leading company in its field, Mikropor will continue to carry out future engineering with the values that have brought it to where it is today and create added value for its country.

We would like to thank all of our stakeholders who have believed in Mikropor spirit and have shared our success…

Kemal Yazıcı
Mikropor Board of Directors Chairman