Mikropor Air Filters

Mikropor Air Filters are the first line of defense for a compressor and have a significant impact on the service life of the compressor, lubricant, air/oil separators and oil filters. Mikropor offers the highest efficiency air intake filters in the market, outperforming the competition and delivering more value to customers.

Micro-glass and Mini-pleat System in Air Filters

Our Micro-glass Mini-Pleated Air Filters reach a 99.99 % efficiency faster than cellulose air filters and provides better protection by allowing fewer contaminants to pass through the media. Mikropor Nano Media holds up to five (5) times more contaminants than conventional cellulose air filters, making them ideal for extended maintenance periods.

Mikropor Micro-glass fibers are very fine nano scale fibers and are Eighty (80) times smaller in diameter than cellulose fiber. This results in extremely high initial efficiency and protects the air compressor better than any filter available in the market. The Mikropor Mini-Pleat system guarantees equal space between each filter pleat and maintains ‘’ V ‘’pleated geometry throughout the service life of the filter. As a result, 100% of the surface area performs equally and delivers the expected protection, while minimizing pressure drops.

Air Intake Filters for Air Compressors

Mikroline Series
Mikropor’s air intake elements are designed for the removal of dust or particulate in the air intake systems of compressors, machines, pumps, blowers, etc. Based on the density of the dust load, Mikropor offers two series with different sizes and capacities: Mikroline and Makroline.

Mikroline Air Intake Filters are well suited for applications with low dust loads such as power generators, piston compressors, as well as air cleaner ventilation of gear units and the filtration of liquid tanks.

Makroline Series

Mikropor Makroline Air Intake Filters are designed to provide maximum performance for those customers with extremely high dust capacity and low pressure drop air intake filter demands. These Makroline filters are also suitable for higher temperature use.


Mikropor Makroline Air Intake Filters are designed for medium and heavy dust load conditions for applications such as Air Compressors, Construction Machines, Agricultural Machines, Harvesting Machines, etc.